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If you thought the most respected comedian/actor fell off, you were sadly mistaken. He rejuvenates his and many other celebrities careers with this exceptional biopic “Dolemite Is My Name”.

Eddie became blaxploitation legend Rudy Ray Moore for in this film, and he did not lollygag on getting us intrigued in the plot. The film is about a regular guy who felt as if he has more to offer the entertainment industry, even though he doesn’t fit the physical standard of Hollywood at the time. He puts a rag-tag team together, and they surprisingly reach legendary status with style of film that was seen beforehand.

Bless Eddie Murphy for bringing in some stars that do get the shine they deserve: Wesley Snipes, Luenell, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps, and my new favorite soon to be immortal Titus Burgess. They also brought some extra star power in for back up: Keegan-Michael Key, Snoop Dogg, Tip Harris, Chris Rock and many more.

You can tell just from watching the movie that it was waaaaay too much to make. Haven’t seen a comedy this fun and upbeat in a while. The cinematography was so lovely, the story follows tightly with Rudy Ray Moore’s genius strategies to make himself and his team household names. Even dips into Rudy Ray’s addition to hip hop culture also. You cannot go wrong taking time out of your day/night and watch Eddie Murphy restore the feeling of good comedy films. Haven’t felt this appreciated as an audience member in quite sometime. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this. 

Be sure to stream Dolemite is My Name available only on Netflix on October 25th! This movie is definite must see!