Lil Yachty’s ‘The Field Trip Tour’ is set to make a stop in St. Louis on October 31st, and I know many hardcore Boat fans are excited to see him perform his latest album, Let’s Start Here live with his incredible band.

Lil Yachty The Field Trip Tour

The Halloween night concert is sure to be a treat for Lil Yachty’s fans and you can bet DELUX will be in the house maybe tricking and treating.

Stay tuned in to DELUX for more details on Lil Yachty’s, ‘The Field Trip Tour’ stop in St. Louis. Concert details, such as venue and ticket prices are set to be released soon.

We have a good idea of where Concrete Boat Boy will be dropping anchor, so if you want the best and up to date info then, Let’s Start Here, okay?

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DeWarren Smith