A beautiful beginning with promising results

By: Kendra Pete

Kingston songstress Kris Kelli

Kingston songstress Kris Kelli

Anyone who has tried his or her hand at entering the entertainment industry knows that it is a business only for the lion-hearted and warriors in the truest sense.

One of the biggest elements of success in the mean business is persistence-something the R&B songstress, Kris Kelli and her “Team Warrior” know all about.

Kelli’s islander background brings a raw yet sweet Caribbean sound straight from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica giving her that extra flavor rare to the states.

She began her career at age 17 after being discovered in a local karaoke bar in Jamaica by Russell “Block” Spencer’s Blok Entertainment label, which became the game-changing move that boosted her career.

“We actually met on Twitter… It was such a big coincidence because I was actually looking to migrate [from] Jamaica to come to Atlanta,” said Kelli.

“I wanted to link up with somebody who was influential enough to take my music to another level…I sent him some stuff, and he liked it. I said ‘Yo, in one month I’ll be up there.’”

The transition from “doing” music in Jamaica to becoming an artist in Atlanta was no problem for the lady who has been singing her entire life. It only made sense to pursue the dream to the fullest, and that is what she has been doing since she landed in the states working with well-established artists such as Gorilla Zoe, Roc City and Ne-yo.

Though many artists would push aside their dreams after 10 years of attempting to break into the mainstream, 29-year-old Kelli believes in her talents and knows the music will speak for itself.

“I think me being from Kingston, Jamaica gives me that unique edge of doing what I do…I think it adds that versatility and uniqueness to all the projects I’ve been doing,” Kelli said with an accent that properly portrays her Caribbean roots.

It is that confidence that lights her path to stardom and continuously opens doors she never knew existed, and with those unforeseen opportunities, she desires to inspire the hundreds of other individuals who fail to give up-individuals she refers to as her “Team Warrior.”

“Team Warrior was developed as really my way of kind of inspiring other people through my experiences. I feel like as a female in the music business, I had to be a warrior. So, it developed [to] I use it to encourage and motivate other people, and I use it to motivate myself too,” said Kelli.

Kelli’s consistency and courage will allot her experiences of a lifetime and achievements beyond her imagination.

As long as she keeps singing and her team keeps pushing, she will for sure accomplish more than expected.

For those interested in hearing Ms. Kelli’s edgy music including the hit single, “Wonderful Woman”, you can check it out here.


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