I spent two blistering July evenings with North City’s J’Demul in downtown St. Louis shooting the video for the opening track from his incredible mixtape #STLAVE. During the third performance shot, I noticed the brilliant glare of a full moon peeking over the Cotton Belt Freight Depot. I later realized that we were shooting on the anniversary of mankind’s first landing on the moon. These are both suiting coincidences that lend credence to the adage that some things are meant to be.

Moon embodies J’Demul’s perception of himself as a lone wolf in a world that both misunderstands and doesn’t care for him. Drawing inspiration from the track’s title, the lone wolf persona is amplified from the lore of the werewolf during a full moon to match the feverish pace of the bars, which spit off rapidly in the form of a freestyle that demonstrates J’Demul’s uncanny rap talent. The inclusion of bird dude himself, MIR of super-group MME, contributes to the mysticism of the video, as he eerily appears from the bush to guide the 20 year-old rapper through the streets.

In my opinion, J’Demul is meant to be famous. Here’s to hoping that the stars align, and this video helps push him out of obscurity. If you haven’t already, please listen to and download his free mixtape, which is available at Spinrilla. You can also catch J’Demul live at Vibes, a Grand Arts Event, this Saturday, July 30th at 2720 Cherokee. For tickets and more information, visit here.

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