Curiosity has me turning to our friends and readers of this blog. I am asking for a bit of your time to comment on this post, the more the better, everyone is welcome.

This quote from Rob Haggart’s site A Photo Editor has me wondering what all of you think about PRINT magazines these days.

Regarding Editorial Print Publications:

“Most of those titles are boring. Editorial direction is dictated by marketing needs, so content is designed to keep the advertisers happy rather than to attract and stimulate readers. The result is that readers are bored, they don’t buy the bland products on offer. And so the advertisers pull out.” …via

The subject I would like feedback on is whether or not you are buying magazines, or even newspapers, like you were 5 or 10 years ago. Are you still interested in print magazines? Or, are you purely getting your news, entertainment, information, etc… from the web. I GUESS IN A NUT SHELL… SHOULD DELUX MAGAZINE JUST GO WEB BASED?

How many magazines might you have subscribed to 10 or 15 years ago vs. today. If you no longer read print magazines, do you still view the same publications online? Do you look at eMags? Or do you seek the subject matter you are interested in via all new sources, or a mix of sources?

And finally, advertising. With print magazines we had no choice but to look at ads, they were part of the physical property of the magazine. But with the web, we have the choice to more or less read all our news and entertainment without any ads using, for example, Google Reader, RSS feeds, etc… Do you feel ads are a part of your online life? Have you taken steps to avoid them?

My thoughts:

10 years ago I subscribed to two mags, one for sports and the other music. Now, I subscribe to neither – I get 100% of my info from the web and not from either of their sites.

When I fly I might purchase a news magazine, but more than likely I’ll be enjoying my ipod or psp, which is what I prefer to read if I have some spare time.

What I am thinking is that, magazines are limited to what is between the covers, the web is unlimited. The web is an interactive journey, sit down, explore your subject matter and who knows where all the many links will lead you. And of course, there is video. By the time a magazine hits the news stands much of what you are after has already been available online.

The web is instant gratification, all encompassing, and endlessly informative. I am always impressed by how many people use our DolomiteSport site. We average over unique 500 visits a day but certain subjects are guaranteed to increase this to 1000 a day for the posting date. One small information/inspiration site on the subject of mountain sports – we’ll call it 400 visits a day. This compared to a small mountain sports magazine, published monthly, with high overhead. All of this for a circulation of 20,000, or 670/day.

If I had to re-write the above mentioned quote, but with regards to the internet experience, it might sound more like this:

“The internet experience is consistently interesting. Web content is dictated not by advertisers, but by the desire to be stimulating and informative to the visitors. The result is that visitors keep coming back after bookmarking sites. Or, new visitors are generated through the instant gratification of Social Media tools such as Twitter. If a site fails, there are surely dozens of others a click away.”

Now it is your turn, this is purely meant to get a collection of thoughts on this subject. Please also feel free to spread the link.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on all of this.

Keith  Griffin II
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