It’s no surprise to black people that another unarmed black person has been shot and killed by the police. Not to make light of the situation, but it was about time for another hashtag to circulate on social media.

It was due time for us to make some signs, walk and protest the streets, and be angry again. Some cop somewhere needed some overtime from being on riot-duty and this was the way to do it. Better yet, it was high time for us to be reminded the police are still the highest-ranking gang organization in these streets. It was time to disrupt this unity and progression we were making as a people.

That’s honestly what I feel goes through white police officer’s minds when too much time has passed between police executions.

Yes, I said executions because that’s what they are.

These aren’t real-life, I was in real danger, and needed to make split-second decision situations. No, these are nothing more than white supremacists with badges who have unquestionable amounts of power and no repercussions. These are new-age slave catchers gunning down black people because they can.


(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

They’ve filled up the penitentiaries twice over with us, but that isn’t good enough anymore. Despite, how hard they knock us down, we keep getting up, and now, they need to come a little stronger to make sure we stay down for good.

Then to add insult to injury, they give us and the media the usual “I feared for my life” narrative. I have never in all my life heard of people with weapons being deathly afraid of people without weapons. It’s the craziest and most idiotic thing ever to be uttered.

But, let’s be honest, white people only clutch their purses or fear for their lives when it comes to black people. They are never afraid of their psychotic white counterparts with automatic rifles or bombs who have killed 10 or more people. They are never actually afraid of the person who looks like them that’s killing THEM! They never seem to fire their guns when there is an armed white person standing in front of them.

How is it possible for fear to suddenly appear when it’s a brown face, but when it’s a colonizer, they instantly become a member of the Justice League ready to save the day?


Let us scratch our heads at how these people who go through countless hours of academy training before they hit the streets, and yearly training after are afraid for their lives. Most states require their officers to do regular POST hours to maintain their certification. These hours include shooting range hours, in addition to other certification requirements.

Why does none of this elite training come into play when you are out in the field and encounter an unarmed black man? Why are you suddenly so afraid that your only choice in every single instance is to shoot him until he is dead?

Most people know jobs like being a police officer is a dangerous job. So why sign up if you’re easily spooked? To make matters worse, these “fear for my life” crusaders work in the very neighborhoods filled with people they are “afraid” of.

Crazy isn’t it?

Not really though. This is how they keep the cycle of systematic racism going. This is how they maintain order. Just like a street gang, this is how they protect their territory called the good ol’ USA.


Dylan Roof gunned down nine people in a church and was given a bulletproof vest and a lunch run before he was carted off to jail. Nikolas Cruz gunned down 17 people in a Florida high school and yet, he managed to make it to jail without a single clip being emptied in him. Had Michael Conditt (Austin bomber) not blown himself up, he’d be in jail as well.

So, you see, police officers can take people to jail ALIVE. They are very capable of subduing an “armed” assailant without lethal force. But, only and only if they are white. Because when it’s five of them armed and one of us with our hands in the air, they are terrified, and I mean terrified for their life.

But, I have a question.

If you are so terrified, why the hell are you the police?



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