Cooking the steak to desired completion in the least amount of time is the most important when grilling your steak(s). The hotter the grill, the faster the meat cooks. Although grilling your meat at a slower rate will cook the meat thoroughly, it will also toughen the meat…and WHO IN THE HELL WANTS A TOUGH ASS STEAK??

First step is picking the best cut of meat.

The three best cuts for grilling are the rib eye, the sirloin, and the t-bone.


The rib eye is generally boneless and has a lot of fat [good and tasty fat] called marbling. This type of steak, which is cut from the ribs, is usually very tender and is the best kind for the grill.

The sirloin, which is cut from the hip, is going to be a lot tenderer than the rib eye, but grocers will usually sell the bottom sirloin, which is tougher. Be sure to ask for the top sirloin [it costs more].

The T-Bone, also called the Porterhouse which is a larger version, is oftentimes higher in price than most cuts. This cut provides the most flavor because of the bone.

The three most popular ways to cook your steak: medium rare, medium well done, and well done. There are other ways, like seared and rare or overcooked, but I don’t know anyone that’ll eat a raw ass steak or one that looks and tastes like a black brick, so they’re irrelevant.

Medium rare is basically where the outside is cooked but the inside is partially red, usually about 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

Medium well is going to be a little tougher and the inside is going to be almost brown, with a hint of pink. The outside is going to be more charred, cooking it 5 to 7 minutes on each side.

Well done is the only exception to EVERYTHING that I’ve just said – the trick to NOT burning this steak is to cook it at LOWER temperature for a LONGER length of time. So grilling is probably not the best option. Cooking the meat at 10-12 minutes on each side should be cool so that it won’t burn the hell up, but each grill will be different.

Pair your steak with some steamed vegetables and a baked potato, along with a nice glass of red wine and you are WINNING!



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