Grammy award-winning R&B starlet H.E.R. will be bringing her Back of My Mind tour to the St. Louis Music Park in Maryland Heights on May 4. The tour, which also features fellow R&B crooner Marzz Official, is HER’s headlining debut in the city. 

H.E.R. skyrocketed to fame in 2016 after singing to RCA and releasing her debut, self-titled EP. The singer was followed by success as her brand continued to expand. A slew of collaborations and underground masterpieces made her favorite among Black millennials who could identify with many resonated themes in her lyrics. 

In 2017, H.E.R.’s first compilation album H.E.R. won the Grammy for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album, the beginning of many awards that would make her one of the greatest female vocalists of this time. 

A few years later, she would return to the Grammy to claim Song of the Year for her record I Can’t Breathe, a song she wrote in protest of the murders of George Floyd and Briana Taylor, in 2021. She also received a Grammy and an Academy Award for her song Fight for You from the film Judas and the Black Messiah

H.E.R.’s eloquent style of music and heightened wordplay make her a unique force in modern-day rhythm and blue. Unlike other female acts whose music is driven by sensuality, H.E.R. combines intense metaphors and enchanting vocals to create a music experience listeners have been craving from R&B for years. Beyond her own music, H.E.R. is skilled in collaborative efforts and has created timeless records with artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Chris Brown, and Drake. 

The Back of My Mind Tour is highly anticipated in St. Louis this spring. Fans throughout the city have years to enjoy the H.E.R. live show experience and many have a memory bank of song lyrics stored up just for the occasion. With so many records ranging in feeling and vibe, there is no telling what concert-goers can expect on May 4. 

Tickets for the H.E.R. Back of My Mind Tour are on sale now through Ticketmaster. Ticket prices start at $49.50.

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Jasmine Osby