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2018 may be a good year for Kevin Gates just yet!

Now, it’s no secret that over the years, hip-hop artists find themselves in various kinds of legal trouble throughout their career. Some dodge the jail bullet, and some don’t. Kevin Gates happened to be one who got caught up.

Though things may be looking a lot better for the rapper this year. Reports reveal he could be getting released from jail sometime next week.

The rapper was serving five months in a Florida prison for the assault on a woman. Back in 2015, it was reported he kicked a woman in her chest during a performance. The incident went viral, and shortly after Gates was charged. Fast-forward to the day he was slated to be released from prison, a previous warrant appears, and he was given more time.

Lindsey Hess at the Illinois Dept. of Corrections told TMZ he was scheduled to be released on parole on Wednesday, Jan 10. Now that he’s served nine months in prison, he’s just days away from freedom.

We can only hope the rapper stays out of trouble and keeps his feet to himself.



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