Making a montage is tricky.

First, you need the right song (something ’80s-ish).

Then, you need the right sweat suit (something ’80s-ish).

Lastly, you need the right person (someone J. Fox-ish).

If only there were an easier way.

A way that incorporated Instagram.

Presenting Flipagram, an app that lets you instantly turn your Instagram images into fully scored flip-books, available now.

You know how Instagram takes all your pictures of lobster rolls and makes it look like some guy from 1897 took them. Well, this is that, but for slideshows. And with a soundtrack thrown in for dramatic effect. Also, dancing.

First, download the app. You now have everything you need to make the Rocky montage (minus Stallone, a glass full of raw eggs, Burgess Meredith and the front steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art). Just select the images you want, put them in an order that makes sense, choose some musical accompaniment (the more electronic keyboard, the better), and you’re done/eligible to be nominated at the Oscars for Best Live-Action Short.

All that’s left to do now: use the app to automatically upload your cinematic masterpiece to Facebook or YouTube.


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