She advised me right off the back that it’s her job to raise her daughter in a way that she remains humble, keeps her grounded and to keep her a little girl as much as possible. She never wants to lose sight of the person that she is at her core and continue to remain connected with the people around her.

What was your goal with the first annual 6th and Madison Gala and did you achieve your Goal?

At first it wasn’t my idea to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of 6th and Madison… The people around me pushed me to do it.  

So I sat and thought about what it meant to me and I decided to celebrate the goals of little girls in our community here in St. Louis, Missouri. Of course it was other cities that wanted me to do it in their town. However, I knew that if I was going to be a reflection of my community It had to be in my community. That’s when I had the idea to have it right here in my own back yard and to give the identity of who we are, back to us.  

I think I achieved my goals


What are your future Plans with 6th and Madison?

We will be transitioning into a lifestyle, a one-stop shop for little girl’s accessories, book bags, bracelets and quality clothing. 6th and Madison will continue to send messages of empowerment such as our branded, Pinky Promise.


How has 6th and Madison Grown since its launch in 2015?

OMG!! I have grown by leaps and bounds. I now have a PR Agency that helps me with a lot of things in regards to orders, emails and things like that. We have grown in size too! We’ve outgrown our 1,000 square foot home, and we are now transitioning into a 3,000 square foot warehouse.


With African-American women having  almost 85% of independently owned and operated business, what would you tell the next woman stepping out to begin their own business?

  1. I would advise them to start with a mentor. Someone that will feed them with education. The mentor doesn’t have to be someone you know. One of my mentors is David John Shark Tank. I read his book, “Power of Broke.”
  2. Follow some motivating people on Instagram.
  3. Do your research and homework on the field you are trying to tap into.
  4. Be conscious of finances, time and quality.
  5.  Also don’t be selfish with your business.
  6. Most importantly, do it from the heart. Allow it to drive you towards something other than wanting a check.
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