When two legends in the making come rolling through the door laughing and jokingly shoving the other out of the way, it becomes clear that their on screen chemistry isn’t manufactured. That’s how Kevin Hart & Ice Cube rolled into the room as they sat down for an interview in Saint Louis recently.

Ice Cube and funny man Kevin Hart are making the rounds as Ride Along 2 hits theaters on Friday, January 15th and is set to be another box office hit for the duo.

With the first Ride Along bringing in over 150million from the box office, the sequel is set to be a hit. Harts character Ben Barber has even more romance going on as he sets to marry the younger sister (Tika Sumpter) of his sometimes partner James Payton (Ice Cube). Cube’s role as a successful detective with the Atlanta police department is one he seems to play with ease which is departure from his NWA days.
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube give a lot of success to director, Tim Story whom both actors have worked with before in Barbershop, Think Like a Man and First Sunday. While the plot reads predictable the comedy and chemistry of the veteran detective and his future brother in law turned police officer is full of high end energy and laugh out loud moments.  Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) & James Payton  partner to catch a criminal and somehow end up i Miami tracking down a big time drug dealer.
Having two legends in the making sit in front of you discussing another box office hit seemed unreal but they are more down to earth than one would expect. Cube said he enjoyed the “fried ravioli” (referring to St. Louis favorite Toasted ravioli) but neither was impressed with the cold brick pizza they were served but we will give them a pass on the slight diss of Imo’s and assume it just wasn’t served to them fresh.
Cube was not fazed at all by being snubbed on Billboard’s top ten list “ I”m not big on that list thin, people do great work and you can’t critique creativity” He sets the tone for how the movie will be received as well. Cube described the chemistry between himself and Hart as “seemless” and Hart spoke highly of his co-star as well stating “the level of respect I had for him as went (sic) up …you’re looking at a guy who’s not content with any level of success and that something I believe. I love to be a student and as a student I soak up as much information as I can. Thats why Ride Along was a success and thats why we were able to come back with Ride Along 2″
Ride Along 2 will be in theaters nationwide on Friday.
By Jami Ballentine Dolby
DeWarren Smith