Hip-hop in the early ’90’s was just beginning to come into its own. Several artists helped pave the way for what is now a multi-billion dollar business, however the pioneers of the movement – producers like Premier and Pete Rock – not only had to learn, but they also had to make it, the hard way.  Nothing came easy for them and they certainly never enveloped themselves in shallow praise or adulation, especially if they hadn’t done anything to deserve it, much like some of the hip-hop artists of today’s generation do. In this video, Pete Rock and Premier get personal prior to a show at the Liquidroom in Shibuya, Tokyo where they delve into all sorts of personal traumas, discuss the competition that previously existed amongst each other and the hardships of embarking on a career path which, for both, had its fair share of ups and downs, burdens and blessings.

Source: DEFRAG

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