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Today marks the start of a weekend full of creative inducing events presented by the talented trio: Jon Alexander, CJ Pasley and Prism ENT. This weekend will be full of things St. Louis and Chicago doesn’t see often including the artist Distortedd who creates graphic art with an eerie twist to it. Most of her recent work features a trippy eyeball amongst popular culture references.

The St. Louis show will be occurring Friday, February 19th from 6-10pm. This show will be located at The Kitchen Sink (626 North 6th street) and will feature DJ Paco, visual artist Art Culture King and Marie Enger as well as musicians The Domino Effect, Fresha Nova and Tino.

The Chicago show will be occurring this Saturday, February 20th from 6-11pm. This show will be located at Iridium clothing store at 1330 North Milwaukee Ave. The showcase will be hosted by Serenity Marie, sounds by DJ Prose and GXXD Stress, visual artist Syd Brisco and Oliver JD Souffrant and musicians Jinx the natural, Laje, Jean Deaux and Smino.

If your able to make the show tomorrow or will be in Chicago on Saturday, I highly advise you attend one of these events. With the youth pushing all its efforts towards the arts, you can’t afford to miss this showcase and these artists that will be sure to spark creativity in everyone attending. Most of these artist have been putting in a lot of foot work down in St. Louis, and I’ve notices the hard work, so I’m definitely excited to see what they all can curate when they come together.

Make sure you slide to the Distortedd Art Party this Friday and Saturday to witness a showcase for the gawds!