Whether you’ve heard about her Lil Lizzie Foundation (a 501c3) giving more than $1 million to build local churches and remodel school gymnasiums, or you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy her undeniable tasty chocolates and talent as a culinary chef, St. Louis native, TJ Winters promises to be a name that you’ll never forget!

Following her grandmother, Elizabeth Jones’ footsteps of helping women and children in need for the last eight years, TJ has successfully been on a mission to give back to her community in Texas and other low-income cities.

“I’ve been in the position of some of the children and families that need help. I know what it’s like to come from a low-income family. I know what it’s like to be in the government food lines,” TJ shares. “I want to help people in need because that is what I was taught. Giving back is everything.”

Happy to help others, TJ shared with us that not only will she be donating hundreds of iPads and more than 2,000 backpacks to children that need a kickstart to their education, but in a few months, the Lil Lizzie Foundation will also be remodeling the gymnasium of TJ Lee Elementary school in Irving, TX.

As if that isn’t enough, TJ is also planning aMask Off event that will help women tear down the walls that hinder them from succeeding.

“It all starts with women. When we heal and move on from our past, then the future of everyone is clear and focused. I’m a huge supporter of women supporting women.”

Often coming out of pocket to help others, TJ has earned her title of “Fairy Godmother,” and she continues to serve her purpose with love and humbleness. Without a doubt, TJ is a woman worth watching!

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