June is officially Pride Month and with Pride, we want to celebrate and highlight the valuable contributions of black queer artists and creatives.

In St. Louis and around the world, Black and Brown LGBTQ folks have been at the center of black culture, especially in arts and entertainment.

DELUX is eager to partner, support, and shine a spotlight on the excellence of millions within the LGBTQ community. Join us this month as we feature excellence within the Art community.  

This month I took a closer look at LGBTQ and creatives in St. Louis who are doing great things and asked them two questions; What do they love about their art form and how would they describe it? I want you to get to know some of the amazing artistic talents our city holds, readers, meet Interdisciplinary artist, Tyler Harris

What do you love about art?

Tyler Harris: I love the feeling. I love how it makes me feel on the inside and out. I love the emotion I get from creating and dissecting art. I also love working with colors. It makes work bold and vibrant.  

Describe your work:

Tyler Harris: My artwork lately has been about telling stories. I honor the people that have impacted my life in various ways through my artwork. 

YOU CAN CHECK OUT HIS WORK via Instagram @E7tash and TikTok @E7tash

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Maven Lee