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After spy thrillers, Jekyll & Hyde metaphors, ‘what if God was one of us’ cheeky comedies, & coming of age morality tales,  Marvel has finally given us a prequel to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We get this with the power fueled 90’s romp known as Captain Marvel. Brie Larson did an amazing job playing the pseudo Superman meets Green Lantern of Marvel Comics, but this film was whole-heartedly a Nick Fury origin story.

Yep, Samuel L Jackson plays Agent Fury, a two eyed S.H.I.E.L.D operative with a head full of hair. Fury meets Captain Marvel when she gets stranded on Earth for a short while, and adventure ensues.

We learn about Fury while Captain Marvel learns about herself, seeing as she has no memory of her past. The entire time you’re lost in plots a & b, you see Easter Eggs representing things most Marvel fanatics will recognize immediately and put the pieces together. Funny enough, a pet cat named Goose (Top Gun reference) will be one of the biggest takeaways from the film, for reasons I obviously cannot share. I took the involvement of the cat a just a ploy to get the cat lover demo to show up to this female empowerment film. Turns out Goose serves an even deeper purpose, legacy-wise.

I suggest everyone take the time out of their week to check out Captain Marvel. So much to say about it, but it would spoil key points of the film that have to be absorbed organically.

I will say this: Captain Marvel is very similar to the character Leroy Green in the classic 80s flick Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. A person who doesn’t understand how powerful they are, and must go through the simple task of living life to discover oneself. It’s Marvel adding another space film to their lexicon, because they want to get you all properly adjusted being there for a while.

Phase 4 is gonna be in space…..A LOT. Look up The Eternals and see what we are in for for the next few years. Don’t forget Adam Warlock who was name dropped at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. He will serve a cosmic purpose in the near future. It was nice to see a Marvel film where smart phones weren’t the reason everyone knows everything. Can only do that in period pieces. Be sure to go out and support Marvel first female lead film Captain Marvel.