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The year, 2017. The day, I stopped counting years ago, and almost everyone around me is still plugged in and sleep. In a post-apocalyptic world, and by post-apocalyptic I mean 2017. And by plugged in and sleep, I mean people are still holding on to the thought that there is some all powerful, magic sky daddy. Something or someone, that holds all of our hopes and dreams in his hands and intervenes in our life when and if he sees fit. And depending on how hard we “pray” he may or may not give us what we are asking for.

See, I stay in the bible belt, Decatur, GA to be exact and the mantra in the south as it pertains to religion is almost the exact same attitude as Golden State Warriors fans these days. Championship or bust…..or as it pertains to people in the south “God or bust”. Come to my city, it’s a church on every corner, even three or four on the same street. Trust me when I say I get it, no seriously I do.

People need something and someone to believe in. People need a break from reality. They need to know some things are out of their control. Simply because taking full responsibility and accountability for our own lives is almost unfair. No, it wasn’t a shot at religion, or maybe it was who knows, but at what point does having the need to believe in something interfere with our better judgement?




At what point can we as people, especially black people say “I’m sorry I can no longer drink the Kool-Aid.” I mean the last guy that had people drinking punch under the guise of religion was Jim Jones, and well we know how that ended.

I think more than anything, I struggle with how our faith has become weaponized. With all of the black men, women, and children being gunned down and murdered within the last two years alone, is enough for any sane person to start questioning favoritism in the heavenly ranks. To quote our brother David Banner, “Why hasn’t their God protected YOU from them?” Which raises a valid question, if everyone under Christianity is serving the same all powerful being why is he allowing this? Why are our people being sniffed out, picked out, and kicked out?


I feel we are being targeted and exterminated. And somehow, we are choosing to love and pray our way out of this. I am a forgiving person because my parents raised me to forgive. But my parents also raised me to have the strength to point out injustice when it shows its face. How many times must our loved ones be attacked by suspected and confirmed Supremacist? Then we go on national television saying we forgive them for harming our family and scarring our community. It is my belief, we are in a situation that has far surpassed praying ourselves out of it. And I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I know what isn’t the answer.  Standing by doing nothing, hoping that a system of hate will eventually see their wrong doing and accept us with open arms. I don’t want to be accepted I just want justice.

I am a black atheist living in the south. I love hot wings, and I love my people. If there is anyone out there like me, anywhere, please respond. Show me there is life still out there in this zombie filled world. I have food and I have supplies if you need a safe haven. We are here. Religion is infecting the people around me at an alarming rate. Some are happy in it, while others are looking for an antidote. Logic is that antidote. This is my final transmission.

Orrin Out……

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