With the US Government playing our livelihood these days, saving money should be at the top of EVERYONE’S list. What I’ve come up with is a list of 9 different ways to cut back and still keep it #DELUX.

  1. GET THE SUNDAY PAPER! The paper is only $2, but it clearly pays for itself with all the coupons inside. Granted you may not use all the dog food coupons, but there’s plenty of soap and deodorant coupons for this 100+ degree weather (lol). Don’t go to the club funky!
  2. GET THERE EARLY! Most clubs and lounges don’t start charging a cover until 10 or 11, and the most places will allow ladies in for free. Why wait till 11 and pay $10 when you can get there at 10:30 and pay $FREE.99? Didn’t make sense to me either…(smh).
  3. JOIN THE LIST! Anytime a place offers you to sign up for emails, DO IT! For example, Express sends coupons (usually for $25 off $75 or $50 off $150) just for being on their mailing lists. Hell, emails don’t cost a damn thing, so why not?
  4. CLEARANCE! A misconception about clearance is that the stuff is old or irregular – WRONG. Stuff goes on clearance so they can get rid of it a lot easier in order to make room for the new stuff. Right now you can buy ALL your summer stuff for next year (depending on how much you gain in the winter…because we ALL do it…smh) for the low. Most stores begin putting out their fall and winter fashions around August, but hell, August is REALLY when you need some shorts and a tank top.
  5. HAPPY HOUR! $2 drinks and $4 appetizers never hurt anyone right? Most restaurants have happy hour at the standard 3-6 or 4-7 (call or visit their website to see if and when they offer it). El Borracho on 20th and Locust, offer happy hour specials on almost all nights of the week, including 2-for-1 well drinks and $1 tacos. Awesome right?
  6. FREE STUFF! STL offers a bunch of free stuff to take advantage. Practically everything in Forest Park is free – even the history museum offers free exhibit Tuesdays, where they don’t charge to see the premium exhibits (they don’t advertise this, so SHHHHHH). Also, check with the Gramophone and Lola and see when they have free concerts because THEY DO have free concerts.
  7. REDBOX! Now we all should love us some Redbox – $1 for a new release? Hell yeah! And they also have a text message service where they send out free promo codes to rent movies for free just for signing up. With this crazy ass heat, you should definitely make it a FREE movie night!
  8. $2 TUESDAYS! Partying on a weekday has never been more rewarding. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays offer awesome specials well into the night. Whether you’re downtown, in the CWE, in the Loop, or wherever, you’ll definitely find a place to chalk it up for the low-low.
  9. FACEBOOK! “Like” your favorite places on Facebook and get ALL the scoop on drink and food specials. Get status updates for their specifics. Some places even reward you for “Checking-In” – 1 free drink, please and thank you!




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