ST. LOUIS – St. Louis police are searching for the gunman who shot and seriously wounded a St. Louis Sheriff’s deputy and a second man outside the Karma nightclub in mid-town early this morning.

Police gave this account:

The off-duty sheriff’s deputy was working as a security officer outside the club at 3037 Olive Street, when a disturbance began inside.

A man came out of the club and fired numerous shots. The deputy, 41, was wounded twice, in a hand and the legs.

A 25-year-old man was shot in the chest, abdomen and legs.

Police described both victims as in serious but stable condition, and did not identify either man.

Authorities did not say what caused the shooting. Police said they are searching for the suspect, who ran east into an alley behind the club.

St. Louis Sheriff James W. Murphy could not be reached for comment. There was no answer at the sheriff’s office today.

There also was no answer at the Karma. The nightclub reopened in September. It had operated as the Lush until it closed earlier this year.

Note from the Editor in Chief.  Lets not pass judgment before we see what really happen.  I have been to Karma several times and security is always top notch.  I’m sure there is more to this story than we know right now.

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