I guess it’s true when they say, “time flys when you’re having fun”, and for our local art organization ARTC, they couldn’t agree more.

Just one year ago, five local artist by the names of: JacQ, Brooklyn, Vaughn, Vincent, and Lola, created ARTC. Having a variety of talents of their own, this group decided to create a platform where other artist can develop their craft and shine.

“It’s great to get love from your peers,”says Vaughn Davis of ARTC.

Because of the quality of art and quanity of people at each event, he is confident ARTC is making a difference for the artist and community they serve.

Starting out showcasing out of “Urb Arts,” ARTC has spread their wings into 12 other galleries in the Old North area. Each first Friday of the month ARTC allows a variety of artist and vendors to showcase their work. Ranging from painters to singers, and now the new rave in art, “living installations,” are all a part of the ARTC movement.

Brooklyn, one of the founding fathers of ARTC,  feels they provide a mentorship to the artist they work with. Not only are they providing an outlet, but they are also teaching the business side of art. How to sell their pieces, market themselves properly and networking with other artist and buyers alike.  Which for some, may not have honed in on those skills if it weren’t for ARTC and their monthly showcases.

Having support from the Urb Arts Gallery and the Old North Restoration Group, many will agree ARTC is certainly no summer fling.

“I’ve noticed the growth in our work because of the amount of people at each event, how the vibes [and energy] are getting better, and there is more art on the wall’s”, says Lola one of two graphic designer’s of ARTC.

Artist are now seeking out ARTC in order to showcase their work. For some who didn’t know, ARTC is an acronym for, Artist Right To Create. It’s inevitable that ARTC will get bigger and bigger as time comes along . Featuring such creative forces such as, Zeus, a Graphic Design and absrtact artist, or Bloom, a jaw-dropping up-and-coming singer, who all got their start with ARTC.

“We’re open to all art”, says Brooklyn.

For some attendees, this was their first time attending an ARTC event. Julian Keaton, founder of Stereo Assault, said he came because he had heard such great things about the event, the artist and the work presented. He knew it would be a great opportunity to see new creations and to network. Lewa, of Lewa.Glo, who is a regular vendor at these events says, “JacQ and I go way back and what this movement is doing is just beautiful.  It’s great to meet different people, it’s such a powerful event.” Lewa adds she has even noticed a growth in her skin and hair line because of attending the ARTC events.

“We’re giving all artist, and even those who don’t have business skills or an outlet, an opportunity to achieve their individual goals. We’re pushing them and getting them ready for the next level, says Vincent, founding photographer of ARTC.

Of course when starting a business, it’s not all peaches and cream, but when you have a team, all willing to put in the work and hours, the road toward success is definitely a lot easier. Their path has been crazy interesting, but in a good way. Their new endeavors are around the corner and due to the success of the first year new businesses and adding more artist is next. The art movement will be televised.

Ashley Winters
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