We’ve been able to get out and about lately but that means our skin has been exposed to the elements of sun rays and more. Thankfully many of us developed new skincare regimens while we were working from home, or simply started new ways to raise our vibrations. We’re a fan of self-care, skincare, or any kind of care but lately, we’ve been obsessing over beauty tools that deliver! We’ve vetted so many beauty tools have a good handle on those that will enhance your regimen and help you woooo-sah! Plus, these beauty and self-care tools come in a range of this fall’s most popular colors including rose gold and Bordeaux!

Scrub Mesh Body Exfoliator

The unique texture of this long-lasting mesh will clean and exfoliate your skin like no other. Its larges size opens up and allows you to reach your back with ease. Just use with soap or shower gel and massage over your body for an amazing lather that will have skin smooth for days! Scrub Mesh Body Exfoliator $18.00

Zenith Nadir Incense Holders

No self-care routine is complete without some form of aromatherapy and this transparent amber-colored incense holder adds a nice touch to any ambiance. Its sleek look and balance of color compliments many spaces and the amber adds natural peaceful and calming effects. Whatever type of incense you burn, this holder will be around for a while.  Zenith Nadir Incense Holders $20.00

BOIE USA Flat Body Scrubber

The Flat Body Scrubber’s soft silicone-like, hypoallergenic bristles remove dirt and grime while gently exfoliating for smooth, clear skin. It’s made from durable, antimicrobial material so you can avoid the gross germs that build up on loofahs and washcloths, replacing them far less often. Just add your favorite body wash and go.

BOIE USA Flat Body Scrubber $10.00

KNC Lip Mask

Pucker up! This KNC lip mask will give you those plump, hydrated, soft, smooth, moisturized, kissable lips you’ve always wanted. This mask uses natural plant extracts to moisturize and protect your tender lips from harsh elements. Those chapped lips during cold winter months are over! If you’ve always wanted naturally soft and of course kissable lips this is the perfect item to add to your beauty routine! KNC Lip Mask $40

Beauty Done Right Rose Gold Sculpting Massager

This lux therapeutic facial massage tool is a steal at $59! 

Rose gold beauty tools are bar none! The Beauty Done Right sculpting massager is designed to promote and protect skin health by administering thousands of vibrations per second to promote an increased and stimulated blood flow, and it helps to reduce eye puffiness, swelling & water retention, aids in lymphatic drainage. Beauty Done Right Rose Gold Sculpting Massager $59.00

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