big-george-album-coverAs part of its focus on education, the St. Louis Rhythm and Blues Preservation Society, in collaboration with Portfolio Gallery, will present the first program in our master class series entitled “Up Close With…” on Tuesday, December 8, 2009.   We invite you to come and listen as Big George discusses his musical style, influences, demonstrates his playing techniques, and relates his experiences as the premiere master of Delta blues. Big George Brock is a veteran blues singer and harmonica player who has achieved international acclaim. Big George Brock is a legendary harmonica player and blues vocalist.  Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, Big George grew up as a sharecropper. He was from a time and a place where work meant picking cotton on plantations, dinner meant black-eye peas, and fighting in local boxing matches was a way to earn extra money. (It is said he once wrestled a bear for money and beat Sonny Liston, pre-world champion, in a boxing match).

He is as authentic as they come, learning to play the blues firsthand from men like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf and not from their records. Big George Brock became one of the big names in blues history. Today, at 77 years-old and over fifty years after leaving the Delta, he is still a favorite of blues lovers, participating in blues festivals nationally and internationally.

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