Since reinventing himself and his sound, Zeus Rebel Waters—the artist formerly known as Rukka Puff—has faced his fair share of obstacles and adversity while in pursuit of his musical passion. Rocky relationships, both personally and professionally, led to Waters taking a moment to readjust to life as a single father while simultaneously sharpening his sound.  

Raising his four daughters into adolescence and early adulthood while grinding through another creative transformation has opened his eyes to a new level of pride and pressure.  Helping his daughters adjust to the new changes while making personal adjustments to ensure their overall mental and emotional wellbeing became the most pressing priority in his life.  

“Watching my daughter going from failing grades while dealing with our divorce and then being there for the redemption of building those grades back up as she became a college student was incredible!” Waters proudly exclaimed. 

Waters couldn’t let his personal obligations take him off his course creatively, so he relied on his strength, dedication, and tenacity to buckle down and broaden his sound.  In preparation to present a cross-cultural collection of boundless beats for his fans to rock to, Waters signed with California-based artist management company, S.U.I.T.E. With his new management team supporting his creative efforts, Waters has given himself the space to grow creatively and compose a new project that goes in a direction that differs from what his day one fans have become accustomed to. 

“The Rukka Puff stuff was a lot rowdier and a lot less conscious. I was just younger. But these records today are a reflection of a more mature me.” He continues, “I’ve grown so much as an artist. I have country records, afro pop records, R&B records, all genres. There is no one genre on this album. It’s what I call gumbo—a mixture of all elements.” 

Waters’ latest project, Long Way from Home, is perfectly titled to describe the road he’s taken to develop this his new sound. 

“The music that I’m doing now is so different from what I used to do. It’s like I’m traveling on a different journey, going to a place I’ve never been before, and it’s a long way from home. A long place from where people know me”.  

Zeus Rebel Waters A Long Way From Home
Zeus Rebel Waters A Long Way From Home Drops Oct 30th

With his new project releasing on all streaming platforms on October 30, 2020, Waters is gearing up to roll out a multi-city ‘Dive Bar’ tour beginning on Friday, October 2, 2020. The more intimate venues will allow his fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new sound he’s spent so much time cultivating on his personal path into maturity and refinement as both a man and an artist. 

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Long Way From Home “Dive Bar” Promo Tour

Long Way From Home “Dive Bar” Promo Tour
Tour Dates and Locations
10/2 Gary, IN @Backstage
10/3 Chicago, IL @ Private Location
10/9 Wilmington, IL @ Private Location
10/23 Sioux City, IA @ Whisky Dicks
10/24 Omaha, NE @ Tequila Garage
10/31 St. Louis, MO @ The Monocle
11/13 Kearney, NE @ The Other Side
11/14 Ottawa, KS @ Pop a Top Bar
11/20 Ft. Smith, AR @Fox Fire
11/21 Ft. Worth, TX @ The Rail Club
11/22 Austin, TX @ Texas Mist
11/23 Dallas, TX @ Promo
11/24 OKC, OK @ CBD Unlimited
11/25 Tulsa, OK @ Uncle Bentley’s
11/27 Sedalia, MO @ The Lantern House
12/5 Portage, WI @ Whiskey Barrel
12/10 Omaha, NE @ Reverb
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