One of the biggest empowering events for multicultural women took place in Washington DC this August and gathered exhibitors and women from all spheres under one roof. This sophisticated event was founded by Germaine Bolds-Leftridge and is one of the most important occurrences in the beauty niche worldwide.

Created with the idea of inspiring women of color, this event includes dozens of workshops, specially put together by professional brands who have a big impact on the world. With that being said, this year’s expo featured brands such as Kenya Moore Haircare, EveryHue, CURLDAZE, and Mielle Organics. Each of these brands had an opportunity to create its own workshops and present itself in the best way possible. Thus, the Ubiquitous women’s expo is not only giving these brands the opportunity to teach and educate women about entrepreneurship and handling business but also to grow their own network and gain more popularity and trust. Attendees were able to ask, discuss, and be present in all the presentations and thought-provoking panel discussions. That way, women have had the ability to get the professional opinion of the best of the best in this industry and leave the event feeling empowered and more confident than ever.

All of the exhibitor brands are owned by women of color, which is a great way to show how having a creative idea, good energy, and persistence can result in huge success. This event’s main goal is to empower and inspire multicultural women to not be afraid to leap of faith and make their dreams come true. Learning from the best and true professionals in the beauty industry can only result in boosting confidence and enriching women’s knowledge about working and building their own enterprise brand. However, entrepreneurship wasn’t the only topic these brands had the opportunity to speak about and educate about. Attendees had the ability to join and take part in health and wellness workshops, as well. During these three days, women also had the opportunity to participate in giveaways, attend fashion shows and enjoy a general entertaining program.

This year’s Ubiquitous Women’s Expo was a big success, says the founder, Germaine. It has even reached a peak in both the number of visitors and exhibitors. Ubiquitous women’s expo is an opportunity for talented and rising brands to position themselves in the public eye and also for the attendees to gather new information and improve their skills with professional mentoring support firsthand.

Guided by the willingness to educate and gather women of color under one roof, the Ubiquitous women’s expo every year invites interested and aspiring women and rising brands to apply and take participation in this unforgettable adventure. However, this year’s expo will be remembered by a record number of exhibitors who aspired to selflessly cultivate and enlighten the minds of multicultural women who dream of succeeding in this business area.

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