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Savoir Beds | The Ultimate in Luxury

Savoir Beds, the custom-made, luxury brand that has been favored the last 100+ years by boldfaced names ranging from the late Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra, to Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Sir Elton John. Each individual bed is hand-crafted and made to the client’s specifications, from the size and firmness of the mattress, to materials on everything from the foot, to the headboards. A king-size Savoir bed retails in price from $12,5000- $145,000. There are currently only about 2,000 beds built annually to ensure that the handcrafted quality remaining intact.

Savoir Beds have become mainstays in the homes of some of the world’s most powerful and famous people. “It’s for people who truly wants the best out life,” says Roger Ericson, creative director at Savoir Beds. The original beds date back to 1905 when a UK factory began hand-crafting and stitching the box springs, mattresses and frames out of the finest materials-including tufts of hand-laid loose horse tail said to provide a better sleep. In the 1930s, The Savoy Hotel bought the factory to ensure that only their guests would enjoy this opulent experience and now they are featured in the most prestigious hotels around the world. In 1997, CEO Alistair Hughes brought the beds to the public, and over the past two years the brand has exploded with showrooms popping up in major cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Miami, and New York City.

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