DELUX EATS: THE SLUTTY VEGAN The fun burger bar offers sexy dishes such as The Fussy Hussy and the Hollywood Hooker Philly. Atlanta, GA-based vegan food truck The Slutty Vegan will open its first brick-and-mortar location next month. In August, owner Pinky…

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happy woman

Happiness Starts with You!

Truth IS….you do know that you can be rock star level amazing and a person can still not love you…don’t you? This starts from an early age, but most don’t relate it to their adult lives because honestly and frankly…

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Christi Griffin

Black Politicians and Media Mud

Black Politicians and Media Mud words by Christi Griffin Adding to the victory in St. Louis County, the November Election Day also delivered the first African American ever to be elected to the office of Recorder of Deeds in the 254-year…

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travel abroad

6 Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling to a different country is always fun, but it can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. There are so many little things that you should be aware of before traveling out of the country. Here is a list a…

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Words that Speak Life or Death

There’s a saying that many elders use, ” Be wise with your words because they have the power to speak life or death into someone.” And it’s actually a very true saying. Have you ever argued with someone so bad…

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I’m Dope Because…

What makes you dope as an individual? By dope, I mean the Urban Dictionary 5th definition, which is “adjective: cool, nice, awesome.” If a random person walked up to you on the street and asked you, “what makes you dope?”…

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