Thoughtfully titled Love, Life and Loyalty, GLC’s debut album is sure to embody those attributes. He decided to name the album after principles he feels are fading in current times. He insists that loyalty is hard to find unless money is involved. People don’t love the same anymore and some rarely appreciate life. This Chicago natives story is equally unique and inspiring. Losing both his parents and sometimes his way makes him appreciate this time in his life. Presently rising from the ashes of his past he is a phoenix that is spreading his wings above all adversity. Many know him from records like Kanye Wests’ Spaceships and Drive Slow. GLC developed a relationship with Kanye many years ago and both have supported each others musical dreams ever since. Presently signed to Kanye’s management and production label G.O.O.D. Music he’s looking forward to a bright future. Socially conscious and caring GLC is on a mission to instill hope in the hearts of all who are willing to listen. Focus has proven to be a great asset to him as he has successfully completed his album and exhibited his artistic talents by creating all the graphics on the album cover and posters. When questioned about staying motivated he stated, “You have to apply yourself to supply your wealth.” His passion for the art form and his amazing aura continue to fuel his Momentum. The album Love, Life and Loyalty will be in stores October 12. Make sure you check out GLC!!

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