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OK this sucks….  “How To Make It In America”  or How not to make it in Amercia as HBO cuts us off by the sacks.  We’ve followed the lives of Ben, Cam, Dom, Kapo, Rene, and Rach for the past 2 years and now no more… I feel almost as I did with the ending of The Sopranos #morebs..

Now we wont see how Kapo handles jail, is Ben going to keep smashing that beautiful MILF Nancy, is Rene’s Rasta Monsta going to go mainstream,  is rachel going to keep getting it in with Dom, and what happens to Cam now that Rene found out about the drugs… all this goes unknown…

How To Make It In America gained 2.5 million viewers every sunday down 25% but still thats alot of views more than that bulls##t show enlightment that only gains 1.5 view(but did have a golden globe nomination)… But anyway this really sucksss!


Also cancelled were the comedies “Bored to Death,” “How to Make it in America” and “Hung”.


Oh well I guess we have to see whats next.  Maybe we dont know HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA.  kiss my ass #HBOSUCKS and so does Yoshi!  #TeamCrisp


PSSS.  click here to sign the petition tweeted by Rene Calderon/ Luis Guzman  http://howtosaveitinamerica.com/


-the broke mogul




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