It will officially be ladies night on November 9th when Keith Sweat and Blackstreet take the stage at Chaifetz Arena.

It goes without saying that the two men whose music led to so many babies being made knows how to perform for the ladies. Both Keith Sweat and Teddy Riley are hit makers with records that have stood the test of lasting decades and still calls men and women to the dance floor at parties and family functions and yes even to the bedroom for “relations” as Grandma Klump would say.

Over the next few weeks we will explore the life and career of these two music legends, starting first with the owner of the Sweat Hotel, Mr. “Make it last Forever” himself, shout out to the class of Gateway ’96 Senior Prom. We will then breakdown the era of poNew Jack Swing created by Teddy Riley. If you happened to catch Teddy’s, Power 105.1 Breakfast Club interview, there is much to unpack in his years in the business and making music.

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DeWarren Smith