Daniel ‘Monkh’ Horrell has been playing stages since the age of 12. The youngest of four, Monkh was introduced to the guitar by his older brother Tim who played. Monkh credits him with changing the direction of his life.

He saw Monkh following the same path that led him to a troubled past and wanted to keep him away from it. “That’s really where it all started just watching my older brother”, he explained.

Even though Tim was six years older he saw Monkh’s love for music and allowed Monkh to hang with him and his new musician friends. “When a little kid sees someone playing guitar in front of them, they just become enamored and nothing else matters after that.”, Monkh says.

Monkh would not only become good enough to play the school talent shows, he would crush them! As Monkh musical skills increased his big brother would invite him to play in his 80’s shred/Metal band Necrosis. At 12 years old Monkh formed his own band and began booking his own gigs and tour.

Young Monkh No More

Fast forward 20 years later, Monkh accumulated tons of music experience. Described as “musically omnivorous” by the local NPR affiliate, Monkh taught himself various styles of music ranging from Metal, Classical, and the Blues.

Later, Monkh would lend his talents to Hip Hop joining studio sessions and collaborating with Rap/Hip Hop crew Doorway composed of Nick Menn, Rt-Faq, and Cory Rose. Monkh also worked with Saint Louis Hip Hop veterans Rockwell Knuckles (1/2 of The Knuckles Band), and Tef Poe, along with working with producers Trifecta and Tech Supreme.


This past June Monkh released a single titled “Skywalker”, a Funk/Neo-Soul offering that reflects his fluidity. “Skywalker” is a beautifully wedged song fused between Soul and Lo-Fi Funk accompanied by Monkh’s exceptional voice perfected for those chill moments.


Most recently Monkh wrapped up his 9-part mini-series Levels on Instagram. Levels as described by Monkh is a concept that symbolizes the nine stages of consciousness and nine being the highest level. Every level has a meaning both in the audio and visual. He created these 9 levels with original music, animations, and live actions scenes exclusively for the Reels 60 second platform.

Each level will also have its own NFT. The first NFT is now available here.

He has become the builder of worlds with plans to extend this concept into the Metaverse and linking it with other mini series that he will create forming a Multiverse. Monkh told us just as you would associate certain fashion and etc. with certain artists, he would like to be associated with this Metaverse Multiverse he is establishing. 

Not being able to play shows with his band, Monkh and the People, due to the pandemic has given him an empty feeling, but he has found a channel for his creative energies. Below we are sharing links to the LEVELS and we want you to take a trip there with us. We think you really going to like discovering Monkh’s new world.










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