Southern Hip Hop music comes in a variety of flavors and hip hop group, Nappy Roots is a reminder of that fact. On June 17th Nappy Roots are on there way to The Golden Record on St. Louis’ southside.

Nappy Roots perform in St. Louis June 17th

Nappy Roots has been making music since the late ’90s and gained a loyal following with a unique blend of country-fried beats and conscious lyrics. Hailing from Kentucky consists of members Skinny DeVille, Fish Scales, Ron Clutch, and 808 Blake.

Their debut album, “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz,” went platinum in 2002 and featured the hit single “Awnaw.”

Since then, the group has released several albums and collaborations with artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Greg Nice, and Darius Rucker. Also, set to perform are Zeus Rebel Waters, Green Gutta and MC Tres with DJ’s Charlie Chan Soprano and DJ Cuddy mixing and spinning records like only the two of them can.

Avengers are going to avenge, right?

The Golden Record is a perfect venue for Nappy Roots’ brand of hip hop. The setting will allow fans to get up close and personal with the group. This concert is brought to you by bros and Midwest Avengers, John and So’n’So, and City Urban Development Group.


Tickets for the show are available and on sale from $25- $55 doors open at 7pm and the ahow kicks off at 8pm. Get tickets here: Nappy Roots in St. Louis

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DeWarren Smith