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Trust has a different definition for everyone. A person who has never experienced betrayal will be more likely to open up to someone than a person who has been in an abusive relationship. Trust is different in every area of our lives, whether it is family, business or personal relationships.

According to Nan S. Russel, an educational psychologist, trust can be defined like this:

“People mean different things when they use the word trust. Ask five friends and you’ll get five definitions. (There) are various kinds of trust – confidence trust, competence trust, relationship trust, basic trust, authentic trust, organizational trust, self-trust, situational trust, and leadership trust – to name just a few.”

Even though trust is different for everyone, there is one truth that is the same for everyone: certain behaviors can build trust faster than others.

10 behaviors that help build trust faster

1. Admit your mistakes

We all make mistakes, but not everyone is willing to admit them and take responsibility. However, if you are trying to create trust, you should always admit when you have done something wrong. The cover up is worse than the crime, and it is particularly true when you want to create an image of a trustworthy person.

2. Do what you say you will do

If you want to earn trust you can easily do it with consistent, dependable and reliable behavior. Always keep your promises. Most people try to do so, but they easily fall through the cracks. Try to minimize these mistakes and you will soon build trust.

3. Give trust

Trust is a two-way street. One amazing quote from a movie explains this very well: “I keep nothing from you and you keep nothing from me – and round and round we go.” Trust is just like that, except less funny than the movie. (Quote from “Meet the parents”)

4. Listen mindfully

Mindfulness is the ability to observe without judging. Think of the people you find most trustworthy. Those are the people who are willing to listen to you always. Mindful listening is so rare nowadays, but it is not impossible to learn.

5. Show interest

Showing interest helps strengthen relationships and build trust. It is also very important for developing rapport. You can do so by being curious and inquisitive, but honestly. Once the person sees your sincerity, you will earn their trust.

6. Be self-aware

Self-awareness is defined as a conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires. The behavioral psychologist Nan S. Russel refers to self-awareness as the missing ingredient for building trust. “(Too) often people don’t realize the messages that their actions send. You can’t adjust your actions to communicate what you intend without self-awareness.” You can establish trust if you are sending the wrong signals.

7. Be prompt

Poor time management is never excusable. Some people see it as a sign of disrespect. If you don’t hold yourself accountable, someone else will. Poor time management skills will also cause a feeling of doubt in others who will question everything you say regardless of your intentions.

8. Communicate openly

Being honest and open is often uncomfortable. But, open communication is much easier as long as you define your intentions, you are polite and if you listen carefully. Good communication is the most important part of building trust.

9. Resolve conflicts swiftly

Conflicts are usually counterproductive to building trust. It is very important to quash them quickly and efficiently. Then next time someone gets angry at you, whether it is at work, or a stranger on the street, smile politely and nod. You are very likely to get positive responses to this behavior.

10. Be exemplary

Establishing trust is easier if you exemplify this behavior.  Making the conscious decision to be honest, responsible and sincere all the time will let others know they can trust you.

Source: https://usefulgen.com

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