Hey Everybody! It’s me, Christina and I’m back with more skin tips! Summer time is in full-force and we all want to travel to see the world. Vacation means long nights partying, early mornings hungover and your skin while traveling will be an afterthought.

If you tend to see a change in your skin immediately following a trip, the reason could be in your travel routine.

Here are three easy tips to having glowing skin on your next trip.

Pack for the destination.

Many people throw their normal skincare products in the suitcase and carry on. I advise you to do a little more research on this. Where are you going? What is the temperature and humidity there? What will you be doing there?

If you are going to a tropical island or to spend time in the sun, pack your sunscreen to protect your face and body. Be sure to re-apply every 2 hours when in the sun.

You also want to pack a gentle cleanser and an exfoliating cleanser with salicylic acid. The gentle cleanser will be great for post-beach time and if you happen to get sunburned, it will also be gentle for inflamed skin. The exfoliating cleanser will be great for the post-flight breakouts and it will help to control your oil production from wearing makeup or sweating from being in the sun. Having both in your suitcase will definitely make sure you are prepared for anything.

Double up on moisture.

The best way to dry your skin is while sitting on an airplane. Before or during your flight, apply a pure hyaluronic serum followed by your moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated while on the plane.

Bring along a hydrating gel or sheet mask to apply at night to help your skin recover while sleeping. Don’t forget to stay hydrated internally by drinking water or electrolytes during your travel.

Keep your makeup clean.

To prevent spreading germs or bacteria on your face, you want to be clean every step of your skincare routine including makeup. This tip is not just for vacation though, it’s good to do in your normal routine too.

Keep everything clean by spraying your hands and products down with sanitizer before and after using. Also bring a small amount of brush cleaner or use your gentle cleanser to give your brushes a quick clean before rushing out the door. You can leave them to dry on a towel until you return.

Men, you are not exempt. Keep your skincare, hair products and hands sanitized as well.


What do you think about these tips for your next trip? Tell me in the comments below!


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