Since being a natural has continued to grow in popularity over the last several years, one thing has been made clear – achieving the perfect hairstyle can be a total hassle! Finding products that actually work, keep your hair in place and mix well with others has proven to be the struggle of many naturalistas. Not to mention mixing the wrong products can result in flaking, product buildup, greasy residues and so much more. Thankfully, we’ve gathered five of our favorite products that will leave your curls popping on their own! No need to cocktail with these standouts, they get the job done solo!

The Doux Mousse Def 

Don’t miss out on easy attainable twist outs, braid outs, beach waves and more. This dual-use mousse provides the perfect amount of hold to define your curls or control your sleek look. The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam gives definition, shine, and volume to every hair type and curl pattern.

Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls 

If you’re looking for a solo product that will leave you with soft fluffy curls, this is for you! This soft curl cream is perfect for achieving static-free, big, or small soft curls that we all dream about. This styling lotion has a soft hold, smells great and is great for people with wavy hair, tight curls or those in the process of transitioning. 

Camille Rose Curl Maker

This curl jelly is infused with agave and smoothing marshmallow extracts, gourmet oils and vitamins fit for nourishing hair strands. When applied the curl maker leaves your tresses feeling soft, defined and shiny without flakiness or crunchy texture! 

Bounce Curl Moisture Balance Leave in Conditioner 

This powerful leave-in conditioner (primer & styling cream) is designed for deep nourishment to create strong, shiny, healthy, & soft hair. When applied this leave in locks in moisture and works to achieve daily protection which is why it’s so great for wash and go’s! 

Curl Daze Shine Gel

The Glossy Shine Gel is a customer favorite! This gel is amazing for wash and go’s, twistouts, and braidouts. It won’t leave your hair super crunchy or flake! This gel will leave your curls shiny and defined for DAZE!

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