The Dilemma
Staring:Vince Vaugn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, Wynona Ryder
Director:Ron Howard

So the premise of “The Dilemma” is pretty simple. What do you do if you catch your best friend’s girl cheating on him? Well to some of you the answer is simple, (to me personally it depends on the situation) but Vince Vaughn’s character grapples with his moral conscience and a complete bitch throughout the movie. This is the typical Vince Vaughn flick with lots of fast and witty dialog. The supporting cast is strong, with Kevin James, (Doug Heffernan from King of Queens) playing the best friend role and Wynona Ryder playing the cheating heart. Other sub-stories happen within the movie, the guys own a business that they’re trying to establish, Vince Vaugh’s gambling problem, commitment issues, and Vaughn on the verge of a meltdown the entire time. All of these stories, coupled with the main theme make for a well rounded movie, however I feel the climax of the film falls a bit short. If your seeing the movie for Kevin James, save your money, hes not in the movie as much as I had hoped. Bottom line, this is a good, solid movie that I would recommend to the normal movie fan and definitely the Vince Vaughn fan.

Theater or DVD: I suggest you wait til this one comes out on DVD, and when it does, I’m gonna buy it.

Suggestions: “The Breakup”-“Wedding Crashers”-“Swingers”


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