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Vodka’s prestige is falling fast and artisanal, 100% agave tequilas are climbing the social ladder. The decline of vodka follows the rise of masterful mixologists, who have ditched the once vivacious vodka for its lack of zest. Avión has been crowned the star of the recent tequila trend. Spirits experts and tequila aficionados have been charmed by the supremely smooth taste and super fancy status it has gained since its debut on HBO’s Entourage. Artisanal Tequila has also been spotlighted in the most exclusive celebrity hangouts, including NYC’s Beauty and Essex. The brand takes pride in fine attraction to detail and flawless flavor. Slow roasting premium agave, distilling in copper

pot stills and an ultra-slow filtration process sets it apart from the competition. Every single bottle is marked with a hand-written signature, adding classic refinement to your collection.

Tequila Avión is produced from only the finest Blue Weber Agave found in the very highest regions of Jalisco, Mexico.  The plants in this region are the most coveted agave for

tequila production due to their rich mineral content and distinct quality and character.  The unusually smooth taste profile of Tequila Avión begins with the ideal product formulation that comes to life through slow roasting the agave in brick ovens, followed by a unique small batch distillation and culminates in a proprietary
filtration process coined “ultra-slow filtration.” During this process the flavors become firmly set to Tequila Avion’s specification at an exact moment called the “Moment of Elevation.”

Tequila Avión is available in Silver, Reposado and Añejo expressions, with each offering a distinctly smooth, yet flavorful taste profile:

Avión Silver features an intense agave aroma with herbal tinges of mint and rosemary, delicate hues of flowers and black pepper and hints of grapefruit and pineapple. It is crisp and clean, well balanced and exceptionally smooth.

Avión Reposado, which is aged six months in oak barrels, has a roasted agave presence, notes of cherry, pear, and peach, flower hues of rose petals and tinges of herbs. Its oak aroma is elegant with hints of caramel and vanilla. It is extremely well balanced and sophisticated.

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