West St. Louis County townships provided more votes last Tuesday in St. Louis County for banning smoking in indoor public places, but the strongest sentiment for the ban came from townships in the central part of the county.

The St. Louis County Election Board on Friday made public township-by-township results on the smoking ban and on a 0.1-cent sales tax for a countywide emergency communications system. The breakdown was from unofficial final results with slightly revised numbers from Tuesday night’s figures. The board’s staff is working on the official count and has until Nov. 17 to complete and certify it.

The smoking ban received 27,147 favorable votes in west St. Louis County townships, 1,006 more votes than those cast for the ban in central St. Louis County townships. The percent of voters favoring the ban was 71.55 per cent in central St. Louis County and 65.37 percent in west St. Louis County.

Support for the ban was weakest in north St. Louis County townships where it received 17,415 yes votes, a 56.77 percent favorable margin. In Midland Township, mainly the Overland area, the ban passed by only two votes.

The sales tax received support from more than 60 percent of the voters in all but two of the 28 townships. In Oakville and Tesson Ferry townships 58.97 percent and 59.96 percent of the voters, respectively, backed the sales tax.

Below are the township-by-township results:


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