sean-combs-Revolt-tvDiddy is gearing up for his foray into the world of cable TV, with the launch of his new Revolt TV network going down tonight on Time Warner CableDiddyhas been steadily drumming up Revolt TV, with his YouTube channel offering interviews and behind-the-scenes with various rappers. He’s even enlisted his son, along with Lil Twist and Kylie Jenner to be hosts on the network. What will that network consist of? Diddy talks about that with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.

The music industry mogul says his goal for Revolt is to be the one source for all things music. “That’s really the opportunity I saw. I saw there was no ESPN of music, no CNN of music, there was no one trusted destination for music,”Diddy said.

While many music platforms like MTV and BET have toned down the amount music videos they play, Diddysays that won’t be the case with Revolt TV– on top of which, they’ll be looking to play more underground artists as well.

“Our whole thing is also having enough fearlessness to play what doesn’t usually normally get play, so different alternative artists, we’re gunna be multi-genre, to especially in hip-hop, like Travi$ Scott, or like two years ago,A$AP Rocky,” Diddy explained in his interview.

He went on, “Right now our focus for the first six months to twelve months is to really do one thing great and that’s really be the number one destination for music. I think us being live and real time is an important part of it, so the news that we’re gunna be reporting is gunna be live…We wanna do something in the mornings, for people that get up in the morning and turn on the T.V.’

He continued to detail another potential series that will be on Revolt TV, “We also wanna have like more of a debate show. Almost like a real time with Bill Maher.. A panel discussion on different issues we have in the hip-hop community.”

In addition, if you don’t get the channel, the Bad Boy boss says you’ll be able to stream it online for the first three days of the launch. “For the first three days we gunna stream it live on Revolt.TV,” he said.

Check out the full interview below. Catch Revolt TV go live tonight at  on Time Warner and Comcast. Hopefully DirectTv will be added to the mix.


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