Luxury automaker Porsche Design has announced its first smartphone alongside Research in Motion. The BlackBerry P’9981 offers superior engineering and performance encapsulated within a forged stainless-steel frame with leather accenting. A unique PIN for each device helps P’9981 users identify one another. Porsche’s iconic style is clear in this gadget, which is being labeled a landmark in it’s design history; epitomizing the idea that form equals function. More information is available on the RIM website here.

Updated Specs – The P’9981 comes fully functional with 8 GB of hard-drive memory, a 1.2 GHz processor, as well as Dual-Band Wi-Fi capabilities and offering 720p HD video. The device offers a smooth browsing experience and a built-in compass, as well as the usual selection of exclusive appl on BlackBerry App World™ 3.0.

Functionality – Featuring the combination of a full QWERTY keyboard and a full touch screen, typing and navigating through the BlackBerry interface become that much easier. Smooth animation and instant responses are made possible by the Liquid Graphics™ 2.8” high resolution display.

Augmented Reality – This Wikitude World Browser app helps users access relevant information such as restaurant reviews, maps, movie theater locations, and VIP events. This app offers a selection of over 150 million points of interest made specifically for P’9981 users. Advanced sensors within the phone enable these new augmented reality applications.

BlackBerry Tag2 – Enables ‘tap to share’ multimedia capabilities. Contact information and media content can be shared effortlessly between friends. Adding BBM contacts was just made easier also; add contacts with a simple ‘tap’.

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