Being a natural during the summer can be difficult. The humidity, constant struggle with frizz and dry strands can be a complete turn off. However this natural hair brand was created to help maintain tresses in
situations such as these!

Mylon’s Natural Hair Care

Mylon’s Natural Hair Care is an up and coming brand made for those wanting to take better care of their natural hair! Each of Mylon’s products has been crafted by a team of skilled experts in the field of hair anatomy, ensuring they contain everything your hair needs to reach its full potential.

Mylon’s Natural Hair Care Nutrient Butter

The line specifically focuses on strengthening the hair follicles and promoting hair growth while maintaining frizz and tangles. Each product
includes various essential oils, creating a therapeutic treatment while bringing hair back to life. 

Mylon’s Natural Hair Care Knot Free Detangler

The Nutrient Leave in Conditioner detangles and nourishes the strands while giving the hair a soft and frizz free look, the perfect product to use when high humidity strikes! Mylon’s nutrient butter keeps the hair moisturized, feeling soft and shiny and works well on skin too.

Mylon’s Natural Hair Care Scalp & Edges Serum

This product is great for all hair types and can be used daily to ensure healthy, beautiful hair. It also moisturizes the skin, which will leave you glowing and smelling great this summer! 

If you’re searching for a black owned brand to support to help with your hair care journey,  is the perfect match!

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