A low of 80˚ tonight? I’ll drink to that!

This “late night, chilling on the patio, sipping a drink” kinda weather that we’ve been having will have you cruising around town looking for the perfect patio chill spot – well not so much cruising because gas is a b*tch right now.

But to help alleviate that problem, head downtown to the infamous Washington Ave.

You could literally walk for blocks and find many outdoor spots, new and old, to chill and have cocktails with the homies or kick it with your girls.

One of the most popular places on Washington is Nara Café and Hookah Lounge, near Washington & 14th. If hookah is your thing, this is the place to be any given night of the week since they’re open till 3am.

Maybe you’re in the mood for Margaritas? Check out the newly opened Rosalita’s Cantina at 1235 Washington Ave. With the bar and patio open till midnight Sun-Wed and 3am Thurs – Sat, you can easily pregame here.

If you’re feeling yourself a bit, you need to head across the street to Lucas Park Grille. This trendy upscale restaurant offers small and large plates and over 300 different wine varieties. They offer outdoor seating in a covered patio area on the side. Open till 1:30am Sun-Wed and 3am Thurs-Sat [DJ spinning all night], you could easily kick it here all night.

With many other places to choose from, like Rue13, Flannery’s Pub, Mango, Sidebar, Mosaic, Over/Under and the Dubliner [whew], you can find at least one patio to kick it on for the night.

And remember to drink responsibly…meaning don’t waste a drop!

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