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Nicole Naone: Mass

My portfolio hopes to amplify my construction of home in a climate of confusion, of extremes, of nothing moderate, of everything certainly itself.  With the pieces that are present, which are evidence of the many mediums I have studied in my investigations of tools for communication, I have intended to construct a language that shows both the supple illusions of womanhood and the crude reality of the natural world.”


IN HER OWN WORDS HER ART IS MEANT TO BE CONFUSING.  Introducing: the beautiful yet artistic model Nicole Mass.  In “mass” – her debut solo exhibition at Honolulu’s The Human Imagination – this confusion shows itself in iterations of the soft female form in hard mediums of bronze, foam, plaster, along with illustrations.  I luckily “stumbled upon” this sexy talent and with the artistic curves and lines she uses in her work I thirst for more…….


The Human Imagination
1154 Nuuanu Ave.
Honolulu, HI
United States

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