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What is your background in fashion & how did the idea to create LA FLAVA SHOETIQUE come about?

Almost 10 years ago I started designing my own clothing line. At the time I was
a supervisor at the Criminal Court in California. Most of my designs were very conservative blazers, slacks and blouses. After resigning from the court and re- locating to St. Louis Missouri. My husband and I decided to go into business for ourselves and L.A. Flava Shoetique was created.

What types of clothing do you sell and who is your target market

L.A. Flava Shoetique sells trendy fashion forward clothing. Our target customer is an 18 to 40 year woman.

How would you describe the look and style of LA FLAVA?

L.A. Flava Shoetique strives to stay current by providing fashion trends of today.

What influences or inspires you brand of clothing & shoe wear?

The California Lifestyle definitely influences and inspires our clothing and shoe wear
at L.A. Flava Shoetique. California is very laid back, carefree and almost anything

goes. So our clothing and shoes represent California’s day to night lifestyle.

It is my understanding that your clothes are all custom purchases? Is it true you fly to LA monthly just to hand pick your items?

Yes, it is true I fly to Los Angeles sometimes twice a month to keep up with what’s hot. All of our items are hand-picked by my team and I. By traveling to Los Angeles California I am not only able to purchase exclusive items that others outside of California wouldn’t necessarily have access to. But I am also able to develop positive relationships with manufacturers and vendors.

What do you think is the strongest aspect of the LA FLAVA brand?

The strongest aspect of L.A. Flava Shoetique’s brand is our customer relations. I am a firm believer in developing positive relationships with my customers. It is not all about the money with L.A. Flava Shoetique. However, again it is most important that
we develop a positive report with anyone that comes in contact with my company as a whole. By giving our customers what they need and want we are able to evolve and develop a stronger brand.

What can we expect from LA FLAVA in the future?

In the future you can expect L.A. Flava Shoetique to continue to provide our customers with exceptional customer service, trendy fashion forward clothing and shoe wear. While, growing our brand we will be able to develop great business relationships.

4013 Seven Hills Dr. Florissant, MO 63033 United States
Store Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 11-6 p.m. Fri.- Sat. 10-7 p.m. Sun.-Mon. CLOSED 310-853-9263
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