Once again, George Zimmerman is trying to keep himself relevant. You would think someone who tragically took a life, and got away with murder would fade into the background, but not him. This time he’s back on the scene and he’s coming for Jay-Z.

According to reports, Zimmerman was upset his family was supposedly contacted for the rapper’s 4:44 album. Why Jay-Z would need anything from Zimmerman is beyond us. However, the troublesome 34-year-old allegedly stated he would “beat” Jay-Z and feed him to alligator.

While the publication who seemed to have conducted the interview has remained tight-lipped about the authenticity of the remarks, it didn’t matter once the word got out. For many people seeing this, tempers began to flare. One of them being Snoop Dogg who didn’t hesitate to clapback at Zimmerman.

The West Coast artist immediately responded on his Instagram page, making it clear Zimmerman already received his get out of jail free pass, and would not be receiving another one.

“If one hair on Jay’s head is touched, that’s when the revolution will be televised,” Uncle Snoop’s caption reads. “We one and two thank the system. Let that b**ch a** motherf***er get away with murder again. Try it again. Trayvon Martin gone but not forgotten.”

Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watchman, viciously took the life of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen walking home from the store in 2013. This unfortunate tragedy and his not guilty verdict, sparked national attention regarding racism and the unfair justice system in this country.



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