While attending college, majoring in Fine Arts, Carol Crudden was asked by a friend of a friend if she wanted to enter into her business endeavor.  Carol assumes her stylish attire is what drew the woman to her because the idea to open a store was not in Carol’s plan.  “I was an art student when Ronald Ragan cut funding and it affected my Fine Arts major.  I blame him for all this,” she jokes.   So when she was asked to go in on the $4,000 business venture, Carol was all in.  It was 1982, she was 21, and though she’d had a few jobs prior to opening the store, Ziezo is really all she knows.  Her business partner eventually left and moved back to her hometown of Amsterdam, so Carol bought out her portion of the store.  Thirty years later, Ziezo is still making a name for itself.

When asked about the Delmar Loop area and how it’s changed over the past three decades, she shares, “It has evolved significantly.  The Loop was completely different, very sketchy and a lot of people had the perception the area was dangerous.”  But Carol loves the neighborhood in which she works and lives, and would not change it for anything in the world.


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