SAINT LOUIS, MO – July 23rd, 2016 – In a dawn of culture being curated in St. Louis, Blaq Séance is proud to present their 5th artistically infused fashion production. This event is sure to bring a fresh light to what Blaq Séance, these creative designers and these visual artist have to offer. The Old Post Office Plaza Downtown (815 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63101) will serve as the locale of this year’s elaborate high fashion production.


The Masterminds featured include Afton Johnson (“Young Addy Collection) who brings elegance to ready-to-wear while emphasizing her personal flare through different genres of women’s wear. Ron Louis, an independent stylist/designer from Chicago, emphasizes quality via finishings with each design. Marcel Coleman Jr. is a hands-on fashion virtuoso whose aesthetic is avant garde. Each designer will be showcasing their fall 2016 collections that will also be featured in a lookbook that drops July 23rd, 2016. Ready-to-wear fashion is being set on a higher scale and full artistic expression will take precedence through each collection.oldpostoffice3

JacQ Craig is the orchestrator/curator of experiences and ideas responsible for this production. When you think of JacQ Craig you are reminded of a force of nature such as a volcano upon eruption. It has the potential to burn everything in its wake yet when the embers cool it leaves a soil so fertile that you can grow virtually anything thus describing a Blaq Séance production.oldpostoffice2

The Old Post Office Plaza will add a splash of elegance to this already intricate high fashion production. Blaq Séance has partnered with two artists, Vaughn Davis and Sean Peterman, who have been building spectacular exterior visual installations. The list of production advisors include: Delisha Lasha, James Harrison and T. Linelle Huston (all Lindenwood University alumni).

Seating in The Old Post Office Plaza Downtown begins at 6pm and the show starts at 7:11pm.

Portions of the proceeds will go towards purchasing arts supplies for emerging artist. For tickets follow the link provided:

For more information and press inquiries please contact:

Jacquelyne Craig of Blaq Séance Productions: 314-852-2356

-Words by Alexy Irving

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