Tyson Toussant and partner Tim Coombs are the founders of  Return Textiles. The two have spend six years creating their Bionic Yarn…which develops  yarns and other fabrics created from recycled plastic containers.

It’s made by wrapping plastic from recycled bottles around a polyester fiber and swaddling it all in cotton. Bionic Yarn is 30% stronger than canvas and dries 30% faster.

The twosome spent 2009 crafting the story of Bionic Yarn and its (since patented) manufacturing process. In 2009  Pharrell Williams (of N.E.R.D.)  invested a disclosed amount for a 30% equity stake in the company.

Last year Return Textiles generated $1.3 million in sales and churned through 1.7 million plastic bottles. Toussant and Coombs expect to triple revenue in 2011 thanks to Timberland and smaller deals with Italian sporting wear company Moncler and London retailer Topshop. Says Toussant: “You need partners who want to tell your story so the customer understands it.”



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