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January 29th, “Neo” on Locust opened its doors to another installation of Jack Honey’s: Arts Beats and Lyrics. Arts Beats and Lyrics assisted in cultivating a new faith for the support St. Louis has for the arts. I mean, where else can you experience live music, all your people, dope art, dope dancers and tasty complimentary drinks on two floors? This event was the place to be on time and to make sure you sent that RSVP text well in advance to get in without standing in the cold for too long.

Arts Beats and Lyrics had fashionably late folks waiting outside for an hour and a RSVP list that reached its max well over a week before the event. Aside from a full house, Jack Honey also scored the tongue twisting rapper, Twista, to headline their 7th annual St. Louis show who played all his old school hits. Other musicians that slayed one of the two stages included: DJ Wally Sparks, Sidewalk Chalk, DJ Needles, DJ Reminise, Sango, Joe Kay, Werc Crew, DJ 100K. The event also featured a handful of amazing visual artist who’s work was stationed on uniquely designed sectionals on both floors of Neo and B-boy dancers doing their thing inside of crowd circles.

The night ended with Sango of Soulection DJ’ing and a heap of connections being made by the young and the matured. Local photographers were in the building, as well as business owners, musical artist, visual artist, dancers, models and enough free drinks to make sure you stayed behind to sober up while shaking hands with everyone in attendance.

Next year, this event will be even more live, so make sure you keep up with Delux to stay up to date on the details and make sure your not fashionably late in attendance.