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Ok– so why is everyone acting so shocked over the recent allegations of American Apparel model, Irene Morales.  Every one is the industry has heard of the “urban legend” of what models had to endure while being employed by Dov Charney — American Apparel CEO.  Im just hella surprised it didnt come out sooner.

But finally someone has spoken up and it doesnt look as though this will get settled out of court.

Want to see what the craze is about? American Apparel

Irene Morales of Brooklyn, New York, has accused Charney, 42, of sexual harassment, creating a hostile workplace, gender discrimination and retaliation.

American Apparel and directors at the company have also been named as defendants in the lawsuit, filed in a New York state court on Friday. Morales accused them of failing to protect her, and said they knew or should have known that Charney was a “sexual predator.”

In her complaint, Morales said she started working for American Apparel in 2007, when she was 17 and in high school.

She said Charney demanded that she visit his Manhattan apartment shortly after her 18th birthday, and he answered his door while wearing only underpants.

Morales said in the lawsuit that Charney then forced her to perform oral sex and other sexual acts over several hours, effectively holding her “prisoner” in his apartment.

She said that over the next eight months, she was forced to perform many more sex acts with Charney or else risk losing her job. Morales said she ultimately quit her $10.25-an-hour job and underwent extensive psychiatric treatment.


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